Everyone has the right to eat healthy food. Our area has an amazing bounty of local goodness that should be enjoyed and celebrated. Buying local supports your local farmers, keeps money in the community, and is much better for the planet in so many ways. It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the food as nature intended - perfectly ripe and freshly picked, and it just tastes better. Over 12 local farmers are working with us to grow the very best variety of produce for our customers. We, at Local Eats, will bring this locally grown produce straight to your door!
"If every U.S. citizen ate one meal per week made with local and organic meats and vegetables, we would reduce the nation's oil consumption by at least 1.1 million barrels per week."
― Barbara Kingsolver and Steven Hopp, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Our local farmers grow, dig, cultivate, and harvest with their own hands. We see and visit their farms weekly, sometimes harvesting alongside them to get the job done and to help when help is needed. Some of our farmers are in their 70's, "been farming all my life" and know everything there is to know about growing some of the best vegetables I've ever tasted. One of the main things we hear from customers every season, is that they didn't know a certain fruit or vegetable could taste this good - that's because they have never eaten it ripe off the vine, allowing it to absorb the nutrients from the ground and energy from the sun. "Overgrow the System" is one of our favorite sayings - be a part of our local food movement, help strengthen our community by putting the money back into it, support your local farmers and neighbors who are passionate about what they do and be nicer to the planet by decreasing the fossil fuels that are used to transport produce over thousands of miles. Eat local, grow local, shop local and "Overgrow the System"!

Buy Local, Eat Healthy and Be Happy

Local food is healthier—and tastes better too! Most of the food in the grocery store looks nice and ripe. For it to be ripe on the shelves and travel the 1,800 mile average trip it takes to reach your grocery store, it’s picked very, very green. New research is finding that many nutrients in food are created when the food ripens. So when fruits and veggies are harvested early, these nutrients are not allowed to form and are missing from the food you buy. Local producers, however, know that their food travels fewer miles, so they allow their product to ripen in the ground or on the vine longer. When you get local food, you get more nutrients. And in turn, you get fresher and better tasting produce!

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