Local Eats, it’s how food AND convenience should be!


Every “Local Eats” Basket and Double Basket is overflowing with seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables; a weekly newsletter with a list of what is in your basket; tips and recipes on how to use, cook or store your produce, and some fun offerings from our Country Store like fresh baked bread, cookies and granola.


Decide what size basket you’d like. Our “Local Eats” Basket is filled (enough for 2-4 people) with an assortment of the freshest produce available each week. Our “Local Eats” Double Basket is filled with twice as much goodness.


The key to the whole thing and the fun part, is that I will send you an email every week outlining the “Expected Offerings” for the upcoming delivery. I will update you on how crops are growing, what will be coming soon and specials that we or our farmers may have. From this email, you can let me know, as soon as possible, if there is anything you do NOT want included and what you LOVE and would like to substitute the item with. For example: exclude radish but please replace with extra lettuce, onions, or potatoes. With this information, not only do you receive the basket that is perfect for your family, but it also makes it easier on us to know what you enjoy.


Location for deliveries:

We would prefer to meet someone at the time of delivery but arrangements can be made for an alternative. If someone is not available, please let us know where you would like us to leave your fresh basket, i.e. front porch, back porch, garage, cooler, entryway, kitchen, etc. A cool, shady place is best or you can put a cooler out and we will transfer the produce into the cooler. If you cannot be home within two hours of the delivery, let us know and we can make arrangements with a neighbor, etc. For frozen meats, we ask that you have available a freezer, cooler or neighbor that can handle the delivery. Place your empty basket from the prior delivery in the same location so that we may swap it out with the full basket.



Basket $60 - good for up to 4 people

Double Basket $110 - good for 5 or more people

Basket Fee (one time only) - $10

Payment is due upon receipt of the produce. You may pay ahead, C.O.D. or pay for your entire season. (cash, check or credit card).




Sign me up to become a Locavore!

(please return this form with payment or send all information by email along with payment arrangements.)


Name _________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________________ Email ____________________________________


Location for basket delivery ______________________________________________________


Payment: Your first order must be paid for before delivery, including the basket deposit and can be mailed with your information. From that point on, you may pay ahead or C.O.D. (cash, check, or credit card).


Please make your choices below (circle):

- “Local Eats” Basket - good for up to 4 people. $60

- “Local Eats” Double Basket - good for 5 or more people. $110

 - Deliver weekly (we will continue to deliver every week, unless you notify us 7 days before).

 - Deliver bi-weekly (we will continue to deliver every two weeks, unless you notify us 7 days before).

- On-Demand delivery (we will not deliver unless you notify us that you are ready for an on-demand delivery)

 - Pay ahead for the Summer/Fall season - start date depends on the season:

Weekly = 20x your basket cost            Bi-weekly = 10x your basket cost


We expect to offer an amazing assortment and variety of locally grown produce through out the summer and fall. We will do our best to let you know how the growing season is progressing and what effect the weather is having on the crops. Occasionally other specialty produce will become available.

Deliveries start in May and continue through October.


Total paid $ _________ Date ______________


Thank you for choosing “Local Eats”, supporting your local farming community, and becoming a fellow Locavore!

We look forward to meeting you,

Ann Marie and Dave Tingleff

Local Eats

650 Milton Rd, Pellston MI. 49769



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