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Dave’s Grateful Breads

Artisan Breads cooked in cast iron dutch ovens

Farm House White $7.50

Rye $9

Herb and Cheese Bread $8.50

Mushroom Thyme Bread $10

Rosemary Garlic Pepper Parm $9

Garlic Scape Pesto Parm $10

Harvest Wheat $10

Pumpernickel $10

Challah $6 (small) $9 (large)   Cinnamon Sugar Challah $9

Cinnamon Swirl Bread $15

Sunflower Seed Breakfast Loaf $8

Oat Raisin Bread $8

Maple Oatmeal Bread $8

Wurtzelbrot (artisan rustic Swiss baguette) $6

French Artisan Baguette $6 or two for $10

French Bread $7.50

Dinner Rolls $8/dozen

Butternut Squash Rolls (seasonal) $9/dozen

Ugly Bread: Chocolate Cherry Pecan Bread $15

Traditional Holiday Stollen $20 (large, 2 lb loaf, of sweetness)


Annie’s Maple Granola Bars $1.50/bar or $15 per dozen

Surprisingly good and good for you. Every batch made with local maple syrup and local dried fruits. Perfect anytime snack or for extra energy!



Maple Moon Family Sugary

Maple Syrup made right here in Petoskey and very tasty. Awaiting current pricing.


Local Eats Jams and Butters

Many varieties and oh so locally good! $6 per jar






Apple Butter

Other varieties available - please ask or make a request during the season!


Dried Fruits (to be offered in the fall)

Perfect for snacking or great for entertaining:

Original Apple Chips

Apple Chips with cinnamon and sugar

Apple Chips drizzled with honey


Tasty Desserts

Many varieties of cookies and bars - let's talk!

Pies! Seasonal varieties: Apple, Blueberry, Rhubarb/Blueberry, Rhubarb, Pumpkin,

Acorn Squash. All pies $18  We also supply Suzie's Pies from Harbor Springs!


I have many recipes and am always trying new things - please ask or make a suggestion, thank you!

Items can be ordered and delivered with your basket for an additional cost.

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