We are Local Eats!


My husband Dave, a professional photographer for over 15 years, and I, a business professional, moved to this area, individually, from bigger cities. I, from the Detroit area and he from, well all over the world. We met each other here in Emmet County, got married, and now have two beautiful children, Jonathon and Scarlet.


We share our love for the area - from evenings with friends on Sturgeon Bay, to exhausting hikes that never look the same along the North Country Trail, to peaceful boat rides enjoying the sunsets on Little Traverse Bay or the Inland Waterway, and campfires in our own backyard - we couldn’t think of living anywhere else.


We also share the same opinion that everyone should have the right to eat healthy. For ourselves and as parents, we want to eat healthy, feel our best, and help strengthen our local community. This idea of working with the local farming community and bringing locally grown produce to the customer’s door had been brewing in my head for years, but I hadn’t had the time to really nurture the idea and make it happen - I have now and believe this will be a great addition to the area. As we tried to eat healthy and local, we found that many of the farms are quite a drive or the Farmer’s Markets are missed due to bad weather or work. Ultimately, the farmers’ need to get their produce to the customer’s door and the customer always wants to eat the best - and so Local Eats was born.


Dave and I have been learning the ropes from our wonderful farmers and enjoy gardening and growing what we can for our family and Local Eats. We raise chickens and a few turkeys, which in themselves make for some crazy stories and fun times. We also love to bake and have some really tasty treats in our recipe books that I’m sure you will enjoy. All in all, we are meeting some wonderful people, promoting local farmers and striving to strengthen our community, I’d say not a bad day’s work! So join us, call yourself a “Locavore” and let’s eat good food!


Take care, Ann Marie, Dave, Jonathon and Scarlet


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